Voice and Tone

Tufts University is more than a collection of schools; we are a community that works together to solve our most challenging problems by asking questions in new ways and broadening perspectives.

Our voice reflects this commitment to collaboration for the greater good. It is open and clear, personal and authentic. Our goal, as an institution and in our communications, is to be inclusive and welcoming—and to invite dialogue.

We create content that:

  • Engages our audience through clear, conversational language
  • Provides the full story but in a thoughtful, concise manner
  • Shares our expertise and accomplishments, but without an institutional or authoritarian tone
  • Puts our audience first and builds connections with the university
  • Authentically, and respecfully tells the story of the members of our community and their work

Examples of our work can be found at Tufts Now and our social media channels: