In order to represent the different areas of Tufts that work together, as well as the many institutions we partner with, we have developed guidelines for cobranding to reflect the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of our research and scholarship.


School + Center

When a school appears with a center, always make sure the school lockup comes first. The font for the school should always appear in Meta Serif Pro Light. The space between the two lockups should be 150% of the cap height of the “T.” 

Co-branding School and Center


The school name can be used without the Tufts University logo as long as the Tufts University logo is somewhere on the page. 

Co-branding School and Center


The Tufts University logo can also be part of the school and center lockup.

Co-branding School and Center


Multiple Entities

There are two options for dealing with multiple entities. One option incorporates the official Tufts University word mark as either a horizontal or vertical lockup.

Co-branding multiple-entities


The other option uses a “stacked” type treatment that cleanly organizes multiple entities. The official Tufts University lockup should be used somewhere on the page in conjunction with this all-type treatment. School and center names should appear in Meta Serif Pro Light.

Co-branding multiple-entities


External Entities

When using the Tufts University logo with an outside entity, always allow for ample space between them. The space should be equivalent to 200% of the cap height of the “T.”

Co-branding External entities