The Tufts University official fonts fit a variety of communications needs for digital and print environments. These typefaces are required and complement the university logo. Each family of fonts has a large range of weights and style options, including light, medium, bold, and italics.


Fonts for Print

Official typefaces: Whitney, Meta Serif, Gotham, Vitesse, and Quarto. The range of these typefaces allows for design flexibility so that schools and units can create a distinctive look for their own marketing purposes. At the same time, we ensure that all communications originating from Tufts have a professional and unified appearance.


Alternate Fonts (These fonts can be used on internal documents.)

  • Alternate for Gotham—Arial

  • Alternate for Meta Serif Pro—Georgia 

  • Alternate for Whitney—Verdana



Whitney Font Family



Meta Serif

Meta Serif Font Family




Gotham Font Family




Vitesse Font Family




Quarto Font Family


Fonts for Web

FF Meta Serif and Proxima Nova are the required fonts for all Tufts websites. They are available from Adobe Fonts through Adobe Creative Cloud.

Meta Serif

Meta Serif Font Family



Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova Font Family



Fonts for Email

Arial is the best font for email marketing and is available on most Macs and PCs.



Arial Font Family