Branded apparel and spirit products are available at the Tufts University Official Bookstore located at 46 Professors Row on the Medford/Somerville campus and online at


Branded Products

If you would like to create your own custom merchandise, please follow the brand guidelines when ordering merchandise for your group. All logo and font rules apply to products. If you have limited color choices, white, gray, brown, and navy blue are approved brand colors.

Before you produce any merchandise, please contact University Communications and Marketing for approval on designs you create.

We have trusted relationships with Custom Ink and 4Imprint who work closely with us on design and brand approvals.


Custom Products

You can customize products with text using brand graphics, fonts, and colors. Contact our office for approval on designs you create.

Merchandise Custom T-Shirt and Sweater
Merchandise Custom Products

Incorrect Branding on Merchandise

Always use brand graphics, fonts, and colors. Always put the required space around the Tufts logo and lockups. Never combine other elements with the Tufts logo. Never put Tufts logos, lockups or graphics on a patterned background.

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